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Paint Protection Film Services Aurora

Drive With Confidence

With the majority of rockchips and other damage occurring on the front bumper and front portion of the hood, make the biggest difference at the lowest price by protecting those areas. With its unrivaled protection and self healing properties, keep your front end looking its best with Heights Detailing today!

Starting at $999

Why Heights Detailing Is For You

Here is what you would avail of by our PPF services in Aurora:

Certified installers

A clean, glossy paint job gives your car an opulent, pricey appearance. But over time, the shine wears off, and you have to wash or wax frequently to restore it. The majority of our car paint protection films reject debris, dust, and grime that is accumulated while driving.

10 Year Warranty

In addition to rain and snow, sunlight exposure can fade paint, making it appear boring and uninspired. Furthermore, you may need to repaint the car if it receives uneven sunlight, which will result in different shades. A car paint protection film Aurora prevents fading because of its special chemical characteristics, which block harmful UV rays.

Increased Resale Value

(Added to carfax) Keeping the vehicle in excellent shape contributes to its high resale value. Experience our paint protection film services Aurora to accomplish this. The majority of buyers demand flawless cars, and paint plays a crucial role in creating a good first impression.

Types of Paint Protection Film

Gloss PPF gives the paint of the car a more lustrous, polished appearance. For people who wish to preserve their glossy paintwork without sacrificing style, it is perfect.

Gloss PPF

Your cars can be given a layer of gorgeous, practical color without subjecting them to harmful chemicals by using UPPF color protective films, which are exclusively sold at Heights Detailing. In addition, our films shield your car from stone chips that could scratch it.

Color PPF

Made especially for cars with matte finishes, this film protects against stains and scratches while preserving the distinctive matte appearance.

Matte PPF

Invisible Protection 

To remove ice and snow from roads, sand and salt are spread out. Regrettably, the chemicals erode paint and other automotive components. PPF aids in shielding the vehicle from these kinds of chemicals. Additionally, it shields against weathering caused by acid rain or bird droppings. As a result, the car maintains its improved appearance for longer.

Chemical Resistance

Our paint protection films are invisible, retaining the grace of your expensive car. When properly applied, the transparent films are nearly undetectable unless someone closely examines the vehicle. Furthermore, when you hire experts like Heights Detailing, you will get excellent paint protection film services Aurora.

Self Healing

Over time, installing protective films on your car will pay off. The cost of repainting or fixing the paint job can be high, but our paint protection film services Aurora are worthwhile to spend on. You won't likely repaint your car after installing the film. Even though it requires an initial outlay, the cost is less than that of frequently repainting after problems like door scratches.

Car Fax Registered

Our paint protection films are capable of self-healing. The film's several layers work together to shield car paint and repair surface-level damage. It shields against damage with an anti-scratch urethane coating. When exposed to heat, the self-healing paint protection goes back to its lowest energy state. 

The goal of ppf/results

Full Body PPF

Our paint protection film protects the paint on your car, truck, or van like an armor plate. After being computer-cut from a database of exact templates customized for your car, an energy-absorbing, crystal-clear polyurethane film is applied by one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable paint protection installers.  Your car's paint will be shielded and preserved for years to come once the top-of-the-line film is bonded to the paint. Forget about your investment being damaged by blistering, peeling, cracking, fading, aging, or yellowing.  Get our paint protection film services Aurora to avoid all the worries now!


Partial Front PPF

Our team of experts uses only the best tools and methods to guarantee that your car gets the best care possible. We offer solutions to suit your specific needs including paint correction, exterior detailing, and ceramic coatings. Our ceramic coatings make it easier to maintain the aesthetics of your car by offering exceptional protection against scratches, UV rays, and environmental pollutants. 


Full Front PPF

You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is weatherproof with our ceramic coating services. Reach out to us right now to discover more about our car paint protection film Aurora. Our paint protection films are transparent and lightweight applied to your car's exterior without noticeable damage.

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A service to fit your needs

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