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Luxury Car Care in Aurora

Does your car require a thorough cleaning right now? Finding the time to visit your neighborhood car detailing shop might be challenging, but that's where we come in. You need to look no further than Heights Detailing staff. We take great satisfaction in being Aurora's top choice for expert luxury car detailing services. To make your luxury car lush, you have many options, ranging from simple cleaning to more involved services! We offer all of your desired luxury car care needs in Aurora at Heights Detailing! 


At Heights Detailing, we use top of the line products and methods in all of our packages to produce outstanding results. Our luxury automotive detailing  services in  Aurora cater to making our clients satisfied. Every single one of our clients arrives with the same intention: to have their car appear brand new from the inside out. If this sounds like you then our detail bundle is for you.



Think of your vehicle's interior as an extension of your home. Just like you'd want to keep your house in pristine condition we believe it is equally as important to take the same level of care with your car. We create a clean and safe space for transportation to put your mind at ease every time you get in.

  • Thorough vacuum

  • Shampooed fabrics (Seats/Carpets)

  • Spotless glass

  • Disinfected surfaces

  • Cracks & crevasses (Vents, buttons, cup holders, etc)

  • Door jambs

  • Dressed interior (UV Protection)

  • Fresh interior sent

Our Top Detailing Services

Engine Bay Detail

A common section of vehicles that gets missed time and time again. Whether you are popping your hood to show off the raw power or just want the convenience of a clean bay, our in-depth detail will leave your engine bay looking better than new.

Interior/Exterior Bundle

The best of both worlds, our bundle is designed to bring your car back to life in all aspects. Ready to bring your vehicle back to new? Or get the best price when selling? The interior/exterior bundle checks all the boxes and revitalizes elements you might have thought were beyond restoration.

Wash and Sealant

The car wash your vehicle has dreamed of. Our technicians use variety of methods, including strictly hand washing to protect your asset. Resulting in a perfectly clean surface bumper to bumper and sealed with your choice of sealant (Wax or Ceramic).

Headlight Restoration

Do your headlights appear dim and foggy? This may affect your visibility at night and give your car a far less appealing appearance. We'll wet-sand, compound, polish, and restore the protection to your headlights. Accomplished with a 5 year ceramic coating to maintain the crystal clear appearance for many years to come.

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General Frequently
Asked Questions

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  • How many layers are your ceramic coating packages?
    Generally, our more entry-level ceramic coating packages feature less layers than our top-tier ceramic coating packages. A customer who purchases our Poly Ceramic Coating package only receives a single layer of ceramic coating installed on their surfaces while a customer who purchases our Kenzo Ceramic Coating package will experience a long-lasting protection effort from multiple layers.
  • Are your ceramic coating packages able to be installed on a mobile basis?
    Here at The Detail Studio, only our interior and exterior vehicle detailing packages are done on a mobile basis applicable in our service areas. Ceramic coatings MUST be done in our San Tan Valley, Arizona auto detailing location to ensure that the environment they are installed in is completely controlled and free of harmful contamination that may render your ceramic coating ineffective.
  • What does it take to maintain a vehicle ceramic coating?
    After you have a ceramic coating installed on your automobile and it fully cures to its hydrophobic, glossy perfection, you MUST maintain it in order to keep the warranties that come with it valid. Our exterior and interior vehicle detailing team here at The Detail Studio of San Tan Valley, Arizona will bring our mobile auto detailing unit to you to help maintain your coating’s physical efficacy and warranty.
  • Is there anything I should avoid doing to my ceramic coating after it cures?
    Ceramic coatings, especially the ones we install from GTECHNIQ, are beautiful, self-cleaning, and even durable against small defects like micro-marring. However, they are NOT indestructible and washing them with abrasive towels or at a soft-touch public car wash will likely damage them to a point of needing repair.
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