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Interior ceramic coating being applied
Vehicle Ceramic Coating Services Aurora
Vehicle Ceramic Coating Services Aurora

Elevate Your Car Care.

Boasting a robust 5-year lifespan, this thoughtfully formulated coating creates a nano bond to the to the clear coat enhancing durability and hardness. All while its self-cleaning and hydrophobic features keep your vehicle effortlessly clean. Transform your car care routine with our Select coating, the turning point in car care.

Starting at $655

The Necessity's

The unique features of a ceramic coating have made it a top choice for those who want to maintain their vehicles appearance. See why we keep our own cars coated!


Show Car Shine


Designed to guard against pollutants, oxidation, insect acids, corrosion, and harmful UV radiation


Repels dirt, water, and road grit

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Services Aurora


Increases the clarity and gloss of the surface


Provides self-cleaning and hydrophobic qualities


Withstands chemical etching and water spots


Looking For The Height Of Protection?

Ceramics are perfect for boosted shine, chemical protection, and ease of maintenance, but road hazards like rocks and debris are still a threat. Prevent those unsightly rock chips and scratches with Opticle Paint Protection Film!

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