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Paint Correction Polishing



Make Your Paint
Better Than New

When it comes to paint we take all aspects into consideration, from a proper wash technique, to preventive care,  we guarantee to get your car back to show room quality. There are a variety of reasons for paint to appear faded, swirled, spider webbed or scratched. However, after a thorough inspection of all the paint (and gloss plastics) our Heights Detailing Crew in Aurora will assess and tackle each and every flaw to restore the beauty, to even better than it once was!


Tier One: Polishing

Elevate your vehicle with our tier one polishing. Boosting the shine and gloss of your vehicle, this is intended to maintain your vehicle and rejuvenate the shine. This wont remove any swirling, marring, or scratches from your paint.

Your Paint Correction Experts in Aurora

Trained by Show Car Auto Spa and Chicago Auto Pros, our technicians work diligently to provide a range of services that can be tailored to fit any of your paint needs. From tier one to four we take the same level of care and precision to meet and satisfy your needs.

Exterior Detailing Polishing Paint correction Ceramic 2
Paint correction before and after

Paint correction aims to restore the clear coat layer and rejuvenate the clarity of your paint. All scratches can be looked at as grooves that need to be leveled, in turn, creating a crystal clear layer over top your gorgeous paint. This is done on a microscopic scale, removing at most 10 micrometers (0.0004") of clear from the vehicle.

Where Do Scratches Come From


Tree Sap

Bird Droppings

Chemical ethcing

Poor Detailing Techniques and Products

Brake dust

Water spots

Automatic Car Washes 

Derived from a variety of different sources, paint can look out of shape for hundreds of reasons. Understanding core causes to scratches is the first part of maintaining a vehicle. After getting a paint correction, your paint will be set up looking pretty for years to come.

What Protection Is Best For You


Paint Protection Film

(PPF/Clear Bra)

The ultimate in vehicle protection, ppf is a true 'set it and forget it', protecting you from chemical etching, scratches, and rock chips for years to come.


Ceramic Coatings

Boost your shine, and protect your ride. With a self-cleaning ceramic coating maintenance is a breeze!


Traditional Sealants

for those who enjoy cleaning and protecting their vehicle regularly. With many options to choose from, traditional sealants may be for you!

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