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Auto Detailing

At Heights Detailing we treat your vehicle like the masterpiece that it is. Every time, we strive to deliver services in Aurora that go above and beyond your expectations.  We make every effort to restore your car to its original, shiny, new-car feel, no matter how it was originally maintained. Including services from inside to out, we'll even provide you with tips and techniques to help you maintain your car at home. Your ideal car detailing professionals in Aurora are ready for you!

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Paint Correction Polishing

Paint Correction

Are you tired of seeing imperfections throughout your paint? You have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on having the best equipment/technicians in Aurora, to achieve that mirror finish you didn't know was possible. Ranging from a 1-4 tier ranking we offer a variety of corrections that are sure to fit your needs, both economically and for desired results.  Our all-inclusive paint correction offerings include:

  • Exterior Detail (Decontamination)

  • Paint Inspection

  • 3 Step Cut and Polish

  • Final touches (wax and gloss)

Ceramic Coating

Are you looking for an easier way to clean your car while maintaining that beautiful shine? At Heights Detailing we offer a variety of ceramic coating services right here in Aurora! In contrast to wax, a ceramic coating creates a long-lasting bond by sealing the paint's pores. This produces an incredibly smooth and glossy surface. In turn this creates a far less dirty car due to the water- and dust-repellent properties of the coating. As undesirable materials easily come off, cleaning your car gets easier and faster for up to 10 years after application.

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Maintaining the showroom appearance of your car's finish is simple with paint protection film. From bumper to bumper, we will protect whatever you desire. The paint protection shields against common damages like chips, scratches, scuffs, and corrosion and is nearly invisible. Our paint protection film effortlessly resists sand, salt, flying rocks, and bird droppings. This is possible due to the incredibly strong thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that comes in at nearly 10mil thick. We provide a variety of finishes, colors, and styles all factory-backed, self-healing, and thoroughly tested.

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Bring Your Car Back to Life

We provide your car with full-service care to bring out its shine and beauty when entrusted with us. Your car will be returned to you in better shape than when it was brand-new, even with all of its dings and wear. We offer numerous services to bring your car back:

  • Headlight restoration

  • Paint correction

  • Trim restoration

  • Ceramic coatings

  • Paint protection film


Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Detailed

If you are looking for "best detailing services near me in Aurora", you will be happy to contact us. The following features and benefits come no questions asked at Heights Detailing:

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind when leaving your vehicle in the hands of Heights Detailing. We go every step of the way to assure we meet your needs and pride ourselves on being a full service company. In the end, saving you precious time and providing the gorgeous result you desire.


Let us care for your car so you can care for yourself. Attempting to detail a car without the proper tools and chemicals can take hours even days to complete. Leaving your vehicle in our hands gives you the convenience to forget about it while you enjoy your day.

Increased resale value

From a simple detail bundle all the way to paint protection film, our technicians are sure to bring your car a new life. Starting anywhere from prevention to a full restoration, we are sure to increase the valuable appearance of your vehicle.

Stunning Appearance

Consistently surpassing expectations, we deliver show car quality results that leave our clients amazed. With a diverse range of services, we assure every customer that we can meet any need with precision and excellence.

Complete satisfaction

At Heights Detailing we strive to make it as clear as possible; your satisfaction is our number one priority. We back our work with the comfort of free touch-ups and will  not stop until we make it right for our clients.



Great service and so fast getting appointment. I had the ceramic coating done and it made my modern classic shine better than new. So pleased and will use them again on my other vehicles!

-Ronald Brown

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